Sunny Saturday

Just a thought. 
Caftans + Wind + Round Rack + Castors = Rolling Fashion Stress Machine

Outdoor sales are crazy. Every time I do one, I think - Why did I do this again? Then, a while goes by, and I begin to think it's a great idea to hang out in the park with music, sunshine and people - and forget ALL about the stress of the elements, and the annoyance of packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking.
I did like the music sunshine and people this Saturday though. The talent of the Fashion Guild of Winnipeg is pretty insane. It makes me feel really great about where our little city is going, and how much potential it has. I like this place a lot.

After the sale, Todd and I had a DATE NIGHT! When you're a parent, you know something simple like hanging out on a tiny restaurant patio for a late dinner and drinks is ... attainable heaven. We visited Civita again, because I loved their margaritas so much. We had a grilled ceaser salad, which I've never had - and now want a lot more of. Here's to eating your salad with a steak knife!

I'm looking forward to this week - bigtime. It's the last week for my school job, which means a full summer of Lune work, and hanging out with my favorite little guy. I dig wading pools, zoos, walks, biking, sidewalk chalk, sprinklers, hmmmm.... let's get started!