make it yourself

Last week, I was killing time and stopped in at one of my least favorite thrift shops, expecting the usual bland and nothing. Sometimes taking an extra look is worth it though, and proving that point, I found several volumes of the coolest diy books from '72-'75 - MAKE IT YOURSELF. has a craft named after Easy Rider. Kind of innapropriate, but also...soooo appropriate for this kind of book. Way to make counter culture super square. ha!
I kind of want to make one of these for my bike tho.

There are so many gorgeous how-to's in these books. I kind of freaked, and slammed down my .25 each LIGHTNING fast. 

I want this stitched cover so much. Guess, what it tells me how to make it.
Now I just need a full week of doing nothing but that - and I'll have my own!

Tons of cute kids projects, along with a crazy amount of knitting for everyone, and lots of sewing project too.

This is all kind of a hint so...
Visit back tomorrow for the announcement of