Picture-less Perfect Day

Today was one of those days that was REALLY blog worthy.
So much happened, it was great, interesting, and everywhere I went I saw beautiful picture opportunities.

But of course, me being a tiny bit scatterbrained and unprepared at times, I managed to have two cameras with totally dead batteries. When I came home, I managed this one picture before full drain. Let's pretend I'm saying "ooohhh, that day was great!"

So, instead of letting today's wonderfullness go by without record, I'll continue to bore you with words, and no pictures. Not one more!

Todd made me eggs this morning. He usually makes pancakes, so this was a nice change. I love his Sunday breakfast.

Tanya (my sister in law, but also good friend for the past 10 years or so) picked me up to go for a photo shoot at her school's studio space. Turns out, it was in the exact same building as my studio! We spent over an hour at the shoot where I got to pretend that I was a model and tried to make angles with my body (or so the checklist suggested). It was fun and I liked not worrying about showing off the clothing. It let me try different poses. I even half stood on my head (see that here)
Afterward, we got bad iced mocha's, and visited three vintage shops (YES, here's where the no camera sadness starts) where she rocked and bought a pair of grace jones - esque shades, and I pined over a too small fringed leather jacket and a too large band leader one. An overload of mid-century furniture made me hate myself for ignoring my own lovely teak finds which are waiting patiently for just a bit of tlc and a finished white living room.

The sun was finally shining after so many days of cold and rain. We found a patio in Corydon village to enjoy some rays, wood oven pizza with peso (yum!) and some late lunch sangria and margaritas.  Another picture op missed because our drinks were so pretty. I really hate pictures of food - kind of a thing i have, but pictures of cocktails - send em my way.


Afterward, we took the kids to the park, the long way by the river. They had so much fun playing all day, and it made me feel like maybe Luke would like a brother or sister. Then, they started bickering, and I remembered that's the reality of siblings, and put that idea away for another time.

After supper I was craving pink grapefruit, non-dairy gellato in a big way. Todd, Luke and me took a drive to pick some up, and ended up walking the neighborhood. I would have made a food photography exception for the pretty pinkness of that gellato, but of course, dead camera.

When i saw the perfect pea green VW van, parked by a wildflower guerrilla garden - I almost lost it.

It was a beautiful day - even if I didn't get it on camera. Sometimes, it's just better that way.

Charging...charging...charging batteries. 
Hope your weekend was memorable!