about a blog - 500 posts

I realized today that my next post will be the 500th post for Lune. In some ways, that feels like a lot. In other ways, it feels like I've been blogging for ever. I can hardly remember a time when I wasn't reading or writing one. In reality, my very first post was here almost 3 years ago - August 24, 2007 . There is SO much wrong with this first post - I laughed as I read it. Not only didn't I bother to introduce myself, I went right into the business announcement just like a used car salesman! Initially, I had made a conscious decision to keep it all business, all the time.

 It took time, probably about 2 years of random, vague, all business style posting before I really understood that blogging could actually enrich my life. It was my friend Leigh-Ann who showed me the way. Her honesty is disarming, and there were many times when I thought even though I admired her transparency - I couldn't ever share myself like she does. I've realized through time that I don't need to, and none of us need to blog like anyone else. I'm not a reveling person by nature except to my family. Even though I love LA, she knows I'm just not a "hugger" like her. I had to learn to blog to suit who I am before it felt natural. Something like that really takes time to warm up to (more for some than others).

I recently re-vamped Lune's blog look, and added some features like past related post previews (found here!). I re-discovered posts long lost in the archives of time. What a time warp! I realize that the most valuable reason for keeping a blog is to make a record of all the little times, the small memories which would be normally lost in the archives of real time.

Today I remembered the time Luke and I played with a vintage coodies game, and he helped me build them. He was so little, and his hair was so short! It was the first time I ever showed him on the blog, and I had to think about it a lot before I did so. I didn't share too many details, but the picture brings me back to a great place, I can remember the moment. The legs kept falling off!

The Lune blog has also been a record of something extremely important to me, my business. I really enjoy sharing my passion for it with you and hope that I can help inspire others to stick to their dreams, roll with the punches, and keep learning and growing. I have a lot of goals that I feel are achievable for the coming years, and I look forward to sharing my family, business and personal loves with you for many, many years (and posts) to come.