the golden sofa

Today I made a difficult choice. I decided to part with my teak sofa, and welcome a new piece of orphaned furniture into our home. The teak left with a happy new owner, and I kept the chair, sorry to break up a family but come on, those things aren't easy to find you know. And, it's going in my 'dressing room', but that's another story.
I didn't mourn for too long tho, because as you can clearly see - this mid century gold couch is the shit! It's a major low rider, with gold casters on the front feet, insane tufting, and a serious curve. Plus, no size and weight restrictions on this baby (let's say, it was a different story for the teak couch). There's a party at my couch and everyone's invited!!!
As with most AMAZING vintage furniture, there's a catch. This catch is hidden under a strategically placed Ikea Ludde sheepskin. Not so heartbreaking, because I scored this golden baby for $20! Although I'm really digging the yellow, I'm leaning towards having her reupholstered in white vinyl. It'll be an investment so I need it to be neutral, and white will be pretty striking paired with all that beautiful tufting.
I'm back in re-mod mode, and totally ready to pick up that paintbrush again. Maybe I can actually finish priming this living room next week. I started...hmmmm...some time around January. Terrible.

Tomorrow we're leaving for Ontario, and spending the long weekend at Longbow Lake. It's such a beautiful place to enjoy the Canadian wilderness. We visit family there every year, and enjoy their hospitality at their gorgeous home right on the lake. I can't wait to take a few rides in the canoe, and sit on the dock soaking up the sunshine (and a lot more). There's no better place for photo's so I look forward to sharing some of summer in this wonderful place with you when I return on Tuesday.

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Have a great weekend!