Pop-Up Shop - 3 Tips

During the last couple days of our Fringe Pop-up, pickings became much slimmer. I'm thrilled to say, there was a very near sell out by day 11, and packing was made considerably easier! During any pop-up, it's very important to keep the merchandise you have looking interesting, fresh, and NOT picked over.  As time goes by, this becomes pretty tricky. Over time, I've devised a few strategies to keep stock looking fresh.

3 Tips on Displaying 
(with what you've got)
  • Shuffle Displays This is an excellent strategy for moving stock. Shuffle your displays throughout the sale to bring items to the front, giving everything time to be seen. There are lots of times customers will return and comment how they didn't see that piece before, although it had really been there the entire time.
  • Space Plan As time passes, it's a good idea to re-assess your initial layout and displays. This might mean, shrinking the space you're using on a display table for one type of item, and sharing it with another. Doing this will make a space feel full, and interesting - rather than a few lonely items which have been left over.
  • Spectrum Color plays a HUGE part in successful merchandising.  In Indie Business 2.0 we talked about color, using a color wheel, and different types of color families. By organizing vintage clothing by complimentary and similar hues - it created reason to what could have been a scattered, visually confusing mass of clothing. I love this technique - which could be translated to any form of display.
And with that, ends our little Pop-Up Shop Series. The festival is officially over, and went over as a total success. The eggie rocked it, and as a reward is getting a brand new custom paint job and some rad vinyl!

It's officially time to relax and re-stock. Look for the ilovelune.etsy shop to re-stock the last week of August, including a brand new selection of Bandeaus, Fringe Necklaces and Anklets, and a full selection of vintage late 60's, early 70's accessories for Fall 2010.