Pop-Up Shop Day 5 and a Giveaway

Last night marked the end of Day 5 for our Fringe Market Pop-up. Todd bought me a new table which folds up and fits perfectly into eggie for storage. I used it to display fringe anklets and double fringe necklaces, along with a few vintage accessories (check out those 60's bead earrings!).

I love evenings because I get to use my lamps and the trailer looks so warm and welcoming. It's like a cozy house oasis, right in the middle of the street. 

3 Tips on creating a successful retail Environment

  • Bring your own Music Sound can define an environment, make customers feel at ease (and not overly focused on by you) and draw people to your space. This is especially important when there is a slow down in traffic, and helps keep your energy level up. I couldn't do without it!
  • Additional Lighting Small items on a table are always difficult to display and draw attention to. With the use of small directional lighting, your work has the spotlight put on it (literally). Warm lighting also creates a cozy, relaxed environment to shop in.
  • Keep Busy, Make Something No one likes to be stared at while shopping. Greet your customers with a hi so they know you're the person to ask if/when they need assistance. Then, busy yourself with fixing displays, or even better - Make Something! Bring supplies for additional stock, or work on an interesting project that you can quickly put down and pick up again. It'll help make time fly during slow periods, and eliminate that desperate "please....buy something....I'm waiting...." feeling that we all should avoid (even it that's really what we're thinking).
And now, I'm off to start Day 6. Thanks for stopping by Lune!

PS. Customers who are seeking Double Feather Bandeau's, we are currently very low on stock - but a new batch will be available this evening, after 5pm including, Dove Grey with Black or Gold and Bamboo Cream with Black and Gold feather.

CHECK OUT OUR GIVEAWAY for this Fawn Fringe Anklet at FreckledNest.com!