Truly Outrageous

Yes. Killer Vintage 80's Deadstock Denim Dresses.
I met an awesome woman, a vintage saint, a savior of things old and wonderful. She welcomed me into her home, and my eyes near fell out of my head in awe at her massive collection of 60's factory stock. Colors! Patterns! Original Tags! OH MY!

Before I left, she brought out a little denim dress, thinking it wouldn't be my style since it was from the 80's. Had she seen my White Lion shirt, she might have thought otherwise. Yes. I have a soft spot for the 80's (and I know you do too so don't lie!). But in the 80's (age 1-9) I didn't have the bod to rock such a serious denim dress.

I thought I still didn't (or had missed that opportunity somewhere before my 25th birthday and my son's first). WRONG! These wicked dresses are like friggin DENIM SPANKS! Thick but stretchy acid wash 80's denim, strapless, knee length, corset like vintage dresses.

I am transformed into some mixture of a Jem doll and a slamin Poison groupie.
You will be too! Check our trailer out at the Fringe for a selection of both factory original acid wash, and Love Lune hand dyed (pink, purple, turquoise) or screen printed versions of this killer style. If you can't make it (or live far away) email me and I'll hook you up.

Next post, a peek at some of that 60's rainbow!