We're back after a few days of camping in the rain with Eggie, who was a very good little trailer and only suffered a tiny leak from a rusty old rivet. Easy fix I think. I'm tired, and damp, and so happy to snuggle in my cozy bed tonight.

Camping in the rain can be nice. I love the cool breeze coming through the windows, the pit pat of raindrops on the roof, the rustling of wet leaves. Everything smells fresh.

The stars were bright last night just before bed. It's amazing how little a distance you have to go from the city lights to see them. I've never seen the northern lights, and it's something I want to see vividly in my lifetime. My dad says growing up in Selkirk (a town close to our city), he would lay in the yard and watch the light show of the Aurora Borealis. It scared him, because he was told if you whistle, the lights will come down and grab you up. 

It's unbelievable how magical our world is.
What natural beauty do you want to experience? What's on top of your list?

-love jill