Come and Knock on our door ...

Finally, this fall I feel like I'm going to be able to concentrate some time and cash in decorating our house. I'm really looking forward to it after YEARS of pouring all my creativity and funds into renovating and decorating a multitude of retail spots. Here are a few peeks at some of my favorite spots - first off, my sunny front porch where I take most of my at home photo's.
When we first moved in, I picked this apple green for the wood siding in the sun porch. Our house is almost 96 years old, and is pretty classic so the color was a bit bright. I've gone from loving it, to not liking it, to loving it again. I'm glad I didn't change it back to white like the rest of the house.

 The front yard has 3 hydrangea bushes, 2 huge peony bushes, a lilac tree, a rose bush two giant lilies, and multi shades of cone flowers. Too bad they don't all bloom at the same time and last forever. Summer here is short, but it's pretty beautiful.

I bought this Symphonic travel record player through the online classifieds (kijiijii) and paid $20. I'm so glad I did because I haven't seen one like it since. It's a perfect summer companion.

Thanks for visiting! (ps. don't buzz, you might get an electric shock)