Fresh Feature - Liddleslydia

Lydia of Liddleslydia
Mount Maunganui, New Zealand
Etsy shop opened Jul 15, 2010 
 Tell us a little about you and what you create?

I have always dabbled in different arts and crafts but sewing has been a consistent practical fallback.
One Christmas our family agreed that we would make presents for each other, mostly to save money but also to not buy into the whole consumer side of Christmas. It was a beautifully magical Christmas the presents were amazing and added another whole level to giving.

I sewed my sister a singlet (New Zealand term for tank top) out of this sweet mustard coloured retro pillowcase and attached a doily on the front. I was very unsure when I made it if she would like it or if it would fit that well or look good on, its always a bit of a gamble.
Thankfully she was stocked on the top and a few friends were asking me to make them one also.

What made you decide to become an Etsy seller?
I chose to use Etsy because I love that they are supporting another way of life, its a fantastic way to see what other like minded people are creating and to be able to do trade offs.

 What inspires you?
I love nature. I am inspired by the beauty and colourfulness of nature so I have tried to reflect this in the clothing.
I also love the past fashion, I get so ridiculously excited about retro patterns and detailed embroidery. There is a quality to handmade clothing that has been lost over time through mass production it makes me sad to see quality clothing thrown away.

Where do you see yourself a year from now? Several years from now?
In a year from now......hmmmmm a master seamstress in several years time hopefully designing and selling clothing that will blow people away!

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