friday is good, and thoughts on blogging

It's Friday, technically but it still feels like Thursday since I'm still up working on Lune's fall collection. I feel really energized about it (the coffee and mid evening nap is helping). The ideas are pouring out which feels pretty great.  Every piece that I finish is my new favorite.
5 of these Fringes are going to be making their way to a lovely friend and her pretty shop. I'm sad to see them go because each one is completely one of a kind, but so pleased with how they turned out and excited to see them look the way I had been intending for some time. Satisfaction.

I like sharing times on the blog when I'm really stoked and proud of something that I've doodled and dreamed of and then made real. Bringing that item to life with the best photography I can muster (with help or alone). I feel a sense of accomplishment that I want to share. I also love seeing what other bloggers are up to, how they're making their own dreams come true bit by bit.

Some thoughts on Blogging, Bloggers and the ways to do so...

I'm loving the creativity and excitement of some of my friends lately. They're all making their marks, and I'm proud of them. They're self motivated, hard workers who focus on the positive and have the ability to project part's of their world in a way that so many people find uplifting. I think there's plenty of space in the blog world for all types of bloggers - from the skeptics to dreamers. I feel that life has enough 'reality', and I hear enough complaining, can't do attitudes, and negativity (sometimes from myself).  I am thankful for these dreamers, and I'm glad that they're friends.

Elsie's vintage shop - open October 2010

I also adore the kind of blog that shares honest reflection which makes me think about my own life. That kind of honesty which doesn't put others down, but serves as a constructive contemplation of an individuals feelings. They're meaningful, and they resonate with the readers. My friend Barb is one of these people, and I love how she shares her journey from Winnipeg to New Zealand in such a vulnerable way.
 Barb of SpiroCreations Blog

Another perfect reason for me to keep reading a blog is it's true fun factor, and how I can relate to the person who writes it. If they dance alot, make insane faces, drink wine consistently while making things, screw around with vintage clothes, love music and just want to be happy - I kind of feel like we could be real life friends. That's why I like Kelly and Brandi.

Brandi of Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno

  Whatever reason(s) you read blogs for, there is a place for everyone. It's pretty great when you think, when I was in high school, I don't think the term had been invented yet. Never mind, when I was in grade 10, we were still using BBS's (if you know what that is - you're super cool and at least 30 like me).
But, since it's summer still for a little while, I'm logging off for the weekend to enjoy the last lazy days of it, eating things with dip, soaking in the warm sunshine, time with friends, drinking too many coolers, bike rides (hopefully before the coolers), the smile on my little guys face and all those good things in life. I hope you have a great weekend too.

- love Jill