New for Fall

Today marks the last day of August, and for most the last day of Summer. I have no complaints. We enjoyed our summer to the fullest and that's how it felt, really full! That means, so many happy memories.

Lune jumps into Fall with an exciting collection of vintage accessories that will make your heart skip a beat! Think chains, pendents, rings, shawls, poncho's, boots, belts, bags, and bracelets! 

Love Lune comes into fall with a brand new mid century inspired fern design for our jersey Bandeau's. This pattern was adapted from an actual piece of 1950's bar-ware. Several new fall colors will be available exclusively through a special retailer (tba).  If you're missing our popular original Double Gilded Feather design, expect to see a re-stock of this in our online shop as well!

We're busy stocking the shop with designs including a collection of Love Lune Fringe Necklaces and Anklets. Did you see our Nordic Stag Legwarmers? They'll be making their debut by next week too!

Where can you find Lune? Well here of course! Visit our big cartel shop - coming this week!

-love jill