Thrift StyleFile - Vol.1

In response to your amazing suggestions from our 500th post Giveaway (3 days left to enter here), I've developed some exciting new features for the Lune blog. Most of them will begin or be introduced beginning September, and I hope you'll enjoy what I've cooked up for the rest of 2010!

First off, I'm happy to introduce Thrift StyleFile with Lune. Over the past couple years, my trips to the traditional shopping mall have dropped dramatically, and my wardrobe budget has been reduced considerably.  It's a freeing feeling to not rely on trends set by retailers! That's not saying that I don't pay attention to trends, but instead of relying on what's available to me within the retail landscape of our city, I can find inspiration from all over the world (thank you Internet!). 

Most of my wardrobe pieces shown in Thrift StyleFile are thrifted, purchased from local and online vintage shops, and made myself or by others. I hope this feature will help you feel confidence to pull together your own individual looks, and rock them like there's no tomorrow!
Item: Vintage Boyfriend Girlfriend Copper Pendent Necklace - est. late 60's

Source: Estate Find

Style Tip: Swap original chains which are too short, not the right color, too thin or too chunky with your favorite perfect chain. I purchased lengths of chain from a jewelry supply shop on etsy and made my own perfect chains to string my favorite vintage pendents on. I save the old chains in case I want to sell the original necklace at a later date, OR re purpose the chain as a bracelet or other form of jewelry.

Item: Thigh length Ecru Crochet Cardigan - est. early 90's

Source: Thrifted

Style Tip: Mixing eras can be very successful if done thoughtfully. The term 'vintage' can apply to any item over 20 years old, so that officially means anything older than 1990 fits the bill. Crochet cardigans and cover ups are an easy thrifted find, but not all are winners.I picked this early 90's cardigan because of it's extra long length, super slouchy long sleeves, and net like open weave. It's a natural fiber, which lends to it's timeless appeal. I clipped off the matching crochet cover buttons (because I never plan on buttoning them, and I kind of hate buttons on most things) to eliminate any granny feel. Damn, I love this cover up!
Item: Vintage Yellow and White Stripe cotton Tank - est. 1980's

Source: Thrifted

Style Tip: This cotton tank was just the right amount of loose and airy with my favorite shade of yellow. The only fault in it was that the neckline was too high, and made the shape a bit too boxy. I cut a new deeper neckline and did a quick hem from shoulder to shoulder. Paired with some cut-offs and flip flops, kinda felt like going to the beach...
Item 1: Vintage Thonged and Tooled Leather Clutch Wallet - est. 1970's
Item 2: Diamond cut, Thunderbird, Copper & Silver Plated Cuff  - new

Source 1: Estate Find
Source 2: Souvenir from our trip to Ontario - I remember getting a very similar one in the 80's, these things never change - I love it!

Style Tip 1: Tooled leather accessories are on the VERY top of my list for my own wardrobe and Lune's shop collection. This large wallet was intended for our summer pop-up, but was re-claimed quickly. Tooled leather isn't too hard to find, but good patterns sure are! I look for traditional floral patterns first, consider Aztec designs, and avoid tropical scenes with regularity. If a tooled piece is shiny/glossy, it means it has been sealed with a wax or polish. I prefer a more worn satin finish. Tooled items are still in production today, especially in exotic locations as souvenirs. Some of these pieces are amazing and totally wardrobe worthy, but I suggest choosing carefully, or shopping with a reliable vintage dealer who has experience in sourcing true vintage era leather goods.
Style Tip 2:  Sometimes new is totally cool. Shop unusual spots like seemingly tacky souvenir spots. You may find some still in circulation accessories from your childhood (like my seemingly early 80's Thunderbird cuff). They're often inexpensive, and can be styled in surprisingly rad ways. 

That was fun! Hope you've enjoyed the first installment of Thrift StyleFile with Lune, and thank you for your fantastic suggestions for the blog. I'll be taking you up on most of them. Visit HERE for your chance to enter our Frost Fringe Necklace giveaway and put in your two cents.