ya ya yardsale

So now that I had all my studio goodies home, I figured now was a great time to break myself of old habits and let got of some beautiful things I was keeping and not enjoying. Time for a YA-YA-YARDSALE!
And so it turns out, I got to see a LOT of your pretty faces! My mom remarked on how she couldn't believe all the cool crafty girls that came out. Yep. We got some pretty hot crafty chicks in this city (you know who you are!) and I loved seeing you this morning, even if I wasn't looking my crafty cutest. I don't think that's allowed if you're the one who got up at 6:45 to start this shit.

The sale was a big success and it made me feel better about parting with my lovely goods knowing that you were going to be loving them now (ya, even my red race car fridge). So I was thinking next time, I'll invite all you girls (and your guys) over for a party. We can even spin records on THIS. Yahoo!

ps. yes, that is an umbrella hat. - love jill