Lune for RVA

So pleased to announce Lune has had the opportunity to team up with Red Velvet Art this fall! Check out several exclusive items from us (me) on the RVA Online Shop.

I hope you all enjoy our contribution to this beautiful, bright shop curated by the rad and lovely Elsie.

For those who have inquired about Lune's Fringe necklace, bandeau's and vintage 70's stock- I'm still working on Lune's online shop (we're going with Big Cartel this fall.winter).  I expect it to be online early next week. We've had a lot of exciting news and happenings around here (plus the start of kindergarten - most importantly). I'm very excited to get that ball rolling again and be able to offer our collection online for you to consider and enjoy!

Thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me.
- love Jill