pickles and lemonade

As the days grow cooler and shorter, every bit of warm sunshine is like gold on a Saturday morning. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend, we set out to the farmers market to be among the colors, smells and sounds of September. Here's what we saw.

Tons of fresh local produce, including preserves. I'm pickle crazy - so this was ultra tempting. I'm SO not domestically inclined but I'm really thinking about trying to make my own pickles. Have you ever done this? I've tried pickled carrots before too and they were surprisingly good!

We call Lukie pumpkin head because his face is round like a pumpkin. He was impressed by the minis.

YUM YUM!!! Fresh Lemonade! I drank at least one each day of the fringe festival this year, and remembered how much I love it. This time I tried rasberry, which was awesome of course. 

Pickles and Lemonade. It makes sense, cause guess what? We're expecting a new baby (ha, snuck that one in didn't I). Were you paying attention?

cheers - Jill