porch studio

This week, I was feeling kind of low about not having an inspiring place to work in. Lately, with the move from the studio and everything being so transitional, I've felt a bit displaced. I think it's very important to have a creative space to wrap yourself in when you need it. It definitely makes designing in a cohesive way much easier when you have the visuals surrounding you on all sides!
While I feel great about my decision to work from home, the renovations on my new studio are going to take a while (depending on if I get what I really want...until next summer at least). In the meantime, I'll have to be creative about it. This week, I cleaned our front porch out from the remainders of "ya ya yardsale" and replaced it's contents with "porch studio".
The good thing about 'porch studio' is that it's always sunny, I love the green walls and there's lots of fresh air to be had. The not so great thing about it is right now wasps are abundant, and seem to love the idea of flying through open windows to get stuck in 'porch studio'. Also, although the temperature is currently ideal for porches, soon it'll get cold and I'll be setting up space heaters. I say, we'll give it until Halloween.

Do you have a creative space in your home?
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-love Jill