shop update

It's about time for a shop update over here. I've taken advantage of a sunny day to photograph some new designs, and just listed them in our etsy shop Feels good to have it up and running again. I missed you etsy. 

More vintage accessories on the way all this week. Just about my favorite kind of thing. I am taking custom fringe orders for the month of October. If you have a color request or combination, email me at to discuss a custom order. 

Several exclusive styles of Bandeaus and Nordic Stag Legwarmers, along with several original fringe necklaces are available over at Red Velvet Art this fall as well!
 See what colors and designs are in stock by Lune right HERE!
I love these legwarmers. They're lined with fleece so they feel soft and actually do an excellent job of keeping legs warm from cool fall breezes. 
Lune and I thank you so much for your support!

- love Jill