day to night eggie

I forgot all about these interior pics of Eggie from when we went camping in her last month. It was cool outside, but cozy warm inside our fiberglass egg. I removed the clothing rods and re-installed the table for the fall. Initially when I purchased this  1976 trailer, I intended on fully removing as much of the benches and cabinets as I could to expand the retail floor space. That was before I realized how special it was to find one of these units in such great original condition. I couldn't do it - it would be blasphemy. So I decided that this particular trailer would serve double duty when I needed her to, and only took out the carpet, ugly hood fan and splash guard. See our little Reno HERE.

I picked up the best blanket EVER thrifting this fall. It's like a sleeping bag, but flat like a comforter. Amazingly, no smells which is rare for synthetic fabrics. A no smoking home from the 60's? Hard to believe but thank you very much! The velvet pillow was stock from the summer, but now re-claimed as mine mine mine. How I curse myself for selling This One (thanks for reminding me LA!)

I love the HUGE back window. There's just so many windows in a boler (very similar to a Scamp in the US). I have some fabric I think will work well for the window curtains, but I'm still holding out for the perfect pair of retro cafe sheers....

My little eggie is like Day to Night Barbie.

 Returning with a Thrift Thursday (remember those??) It's been awhile.

love Jill