deep thoughts...

Rainbows...and Lightning! Maxi 70's lightning rainbow sweater dress, you are something special.

A look at what's swirling around in my mind lately...
I'm working on a big local project for Winter, this is the first year I have time to put it into action and I'm in the exciting planning stages, wondering if I can really pull this kind of thing off... If I can keep it simple and find the right people for the right jobs. If I can make it come to life the way I imagine it could. 

What a strange blog post, thinking aloud. 
I have a few ways to keep my thoughts organized, mostly writing them down.
How do you keep on track, sort your thoughts, and check the boxes?

PS. I'm off to make homemade vegetable soup with an ALMOST 5 year old and a Slap Chop. Wish me luck and to keep all my fingers!

love Jill