Doodle Monster DIY

We were browsing the isles of a dollar store yesterday, thinking of what goodies (besides candy) we could give Luke's cousins for our Halloween party on Sunday. Everything was coming up so cheap and just not fun. How many Halloween pencils and erasers can you give a 3 year old? That's when I remembered something I saw in a magazine a few years ago - and it was the perfect opportunity to get Luke involved in hand making a gift he could be proud of. We made Doodle MONSTERS!

First, I gave Luke some markers and asked him to draw a silly monster on a piece of paper. He decided to make a flower monster for his 6 year old cousin Sydney. I got a little worried at all those bumps I have to admit...I'm not very good with sewing tight curves. He named this monster Coral (apparently, he says it's a boy. Whatever.)

Next, I asked him to look at his drawing, and pick from my button stash some eyes and a nose for his Doodle Monster 'Coral'. He also picked the colors of felt for the body, face, petals and leg/stem.

I cut the body according to his blueprint, keeping as many details as I possibly could. We may have lost a few bumps accidentally....
This was a great opportunity to show him how to sew on a button. We used a big needle and embroidery floss for the job, and he loved the fact that he was learning how to sew on a button!

I stitched the head onto the front side of the body. Then I top stitched the front to the back of the body with my sewing machine. I tucked the leg/stem between the layers, and left a space for stuffing. We used dryer lint for stuffing this monster. This is a great way to reuse that stuff, but did you know you could also make paper out of it?


We have two more monsters on the way for the boy cousins! This project took about 1.5 hours from start to finish, with time allowed for teaching an almost 5 year old to sew a button. Older kids could hand/blanket stitch the edges of their monsters using embroidery floss and cut their felt start to finish. Younger one's still feel very accomplished with your help when the finished monster looks just like their own doodle come to life. Making stuff with kids is such a perfect way to spend time together.