picture window : nostalgia in Wisconsin Dells

Today I was looking forward to sharing with you some recent vintage finds but alas, my camera cord is nowhere to be found. Sparing you the sad details of the situation, I flipped through my files to discover I hadn't shared some Wisconsin Dells pics from this August that I wanted to show you.

This was the day I was in souvenir heaven. These kind of shops haven't changed in 30 years, still carrying some of the same merch I remember as a kid! This time around I did appreciate browsing through probably 10 shops with neon signs proclaiming MOCCASINS! They weren't kidding. I've never seen so many styles in one place, on one street!

Tons of printed suede pouches, canteens, feather headdresses, tom toms, beaded belts and copper jewelry!
 I bought a beaded belt in a thicker width than I usually find thrifting, and it looked just like the vintage ones, but in perfect condition. Plus, I got to pick my color. Exciting.

As we walked down the street we couldn't help but notice the unusual amount of fortune telling machines. Todd found one that looked like the one from the movie BIG.

He also tried a Love Tester machine. It's diagnosis? Cuddly. I concur.

Lastly, this place is FULL of candy. It's scary. I can't believe we made it out alive with all our teeth between the kettle corn, fudge and treat shops lining the strip. 

For me, this trip was all about nostalgia. As a kid, we vacationed in the Dells at least 4 times. Although some new parts have been added, the same old attractions are still booming. Coming here with my own family now felt really good because it made me think about how happy I am to be able to return here as a Mom with two people who I love so much. I feel really lucky. 

It's funny, because as a Canadian, when I tell people about this place, they don't have any idea what I'm talking about. What about you? Have you heard of it? Have you been there? Where is your favorite little vacation spot?

fyi. I'd rather vacation on a beach in Thailand or visit the Great Pyramid. Don't think I'm totally nuts.