November Closet Raid

That's right! I have too good of a collection to wait a full two seasons to join Lune's mobile shop. True, they have been waiting 40 + years to be loved again, but I don't have the patience. The solution? A Lune Closet Raid - November 1st! Featuring a beautiful collection of vintage garments from the era of free love to the reign of the dancing queen.

Visit HERE for a sample of previous Lune Closet Raids. Each raid is hosted at our etsy shop This November's theme will be soft neutrals, brown, taupe, fawn and cream. How mature of us! Accessories, Outerwear, Dresses and Sweaters - and a few accessories to top off the mix. Next day delivery available for local online shoppers. I'm excited by this collection. It's been a while since I've been able to share what we do locally with our awesome online friends. I hope you'll love the collection!

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- love Jill