The perfect bit of creepy

Well Thanksgiving is truly over. It was tasty and well spent with the family. Todd, Luke and I went to a corn maze on an unbelievably hot summer like Saturday. I wore a tank top! Yesterday we switched gears and pulled out the Halloween decorations. I really need to create some new ones - I believe that just as in fashion and home decor, holiday decorations can become dated and out of style.

Butterfly Specimen DIY at

You might not peg me for a Martha loving kind of girl. That's true - most of the time. But on Halloween, I fall for it 100%. The projects, and inspiring photography and set decoration is the best! Just look at these faux butterfly specimens. I have always found these to be strange and a bit creepy, beautiful things petrified and caught behind glass. There's also a scene in the Return of the Living Dead where even the butterfly specimens are "re-animated" (along with much more sinister creatures).  This idea is a perfect & unexpected departure from cobwebs and spiders.

Paper Mice -

Another favorite which is understated but undeniably effective is the use of silhouette.  The best part is all you need is some black paper, and a bit of imagination. I love the paring of these old stair cases with some creepy shadows. The upstairs of homes I am not familiar with (especially when visiting at night) always spooked me out. Take care of your cutouts, and you'll have them for years. I'm making some this year for sure!

Specimen Jars -
Another eerie favorite is the use of old time laboratory educational tools and containers. The first year we moved into our house, our neighbor had his porch set up like a mad scientist laboratory. It was complete with glowing green light, smoking dry ice, black lit jars and viles full of shots for the adults to have a 'treat'.  Over the past, I've collected some bell jars and beakers - but I'd love to expand my collection to bring out every year. A nice mapped cranium would be just right.

I'm looking forward to this years Halloween. We're gonna have a little party and since I'm not gonna be drinking the vampire wine this year, I plan on being a frighteningly good hostess. ooohhhhh...... now that's scary.

Love Jill