picking myself up, dusting myself off

I've been feeling a bit better lately as 1st Trimester rolls along. We're at week 9 now, so I'm still dealing with tiredness and nausea way more than I'd like. But today Metric's Combat Baby came on the radio - and I felt like 'fighting the lethargy'. 

So i went thrifting.

Lucky I did, because it made me feel more normal and I picked up a Lee print that I regretted selling at the old shop. Lee did the best big eye prints imo so I'm always excited to find one. I have a small collection growing. I also got a pretty 60's reticulated planter. Such a sucker for those things.

Hey! I forgot to mention that I DID treat myself to the teak hifi! Yahhooo. It's a blast, and I love how it classes up the living room. Now for finishing that paint job I started last January (who does that???).

I LOVE LOVE this one. It used to be in the studio, but I'm happy to say it's home with me now. The little harliquin girl below isn't a lee but she's adorable. Love those baby blues.

Lastly, although the mobile shop is being put in storage (ie. a big metal barn just outside of the city for safe keeping), I'm going to be stocking up for festival time next year. That means 8 months of selective picking garments and accessories from the 60's and 70's. Yowza!

I'm considering returning to my old antique mall digs for a few months to alleviate my retail addiction until the summer. What do you think? The focus would be the same as our Mobile Shop, but with more home decor and small furniture along with clothing and accessories. If you're local, let me know if you'd like to see a semi permanent Lune space for fall/winter.

Guess what? It's Canadian Thanksgiving this Monday so it's LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG weekend! The weather is like late August, so warm and sunny. So here's to fall, family and food to all my Canadian friends! Enjoy your turkey & tofurkys! See you Tuesday.

LOVE - Jill