Today, I am thankful for the sacrifices made by brave men and women so that my family and I can enjoy the freedom and safety we do today. It means that I have the luxury to live a creative life, decide my own path, and raise a family in a place where they feel secure. My children will be able to learn, and grow unrestricted - read what they want, and be who they wish to be. Thank you to those who stand up to protect peace (like our Canadian Peace Keepers) and those who are brave in the face of personal danger. Thank you to the families of these men and women, who share their loved ones with all of us for the good of our world and country.

I'm like most people who would always prefer words to war.
I don't always support the cause of war. I am critical of the where's and the why's.
But I don't think any of us should diminish the bravery and sacrifice of an individual who serves his or her country - whether for a fight of the past, or one present.

Let's look to a future where we can be on one page as a world community and calm the divide our differences cause us. World peace is not just a lofty ideal, though at times it may seen so.

1919 American Red Cross Button

Now, for a bit of military inspired fashion via etsy. When I was in high school circa the mid 90's, the coolest thing to do on a weekend was take the bus downtown to shop the Army Surplus store (sadly now gone). I spent many allowances on canvas belts, satchels, bags, and coats. Canvas can hold a LOT of pins and patches baby!

This natural, utilitarian style of clothing is always in style in some respect (well, maybe not the camo cargos). A big canvas satchel blends well with any bohemian outfit. I used a camel colored one for a diaper bag years ago, and think it's still a great option. So, here's to surplus style...

Vintage 60's Canvas Bag

Marine Officer Jacket
Vintage Canteen

Heroes hands ... Vintage Military Trench Coat
Vintage Garrison Cap and Pin
Vintage Fitted Navy Blazer
Vintage Wood Ammunition Box