Creating a Monster

Meet "Red".
Remember our Doodle Monster DIY? Luke does. In fact, he's pretty obsessed with the notion of making his own toys from scratch. This time I took a leap of faith and showed him how to actually sew on the buttons, and stitch all around the outside of his monster's body. He did every step this time, including drawing, cutting, picking buttons, and all the sewing. All I did was tie knots and re-thread the large embroidery needle with floss (tip: double up the floss and tie a knot at the end for children when they sew. This eliminates the problem of having the thread slip out of the needle when they're pulling through each stitch).  It's so exciting to see him discover a love for making things, and a confidence that he can do it himself. I promised him a bin of fabric and supplies for him to work with!