picture window : Mini Road Trip

This Friday, Luke, LA and I took a cruise out of town in her Bacon to my family farm. We picked up a cute old blue cellar door that she's using as a headboard. First we stopped at Skinners, a diner that's been around at least since the 50's. I've been there so many times, but it was Leigh-Ann's first time so she got to experience the curly fries and cute diner decor. Luke got to play pinball and eat a Tiger Tiger ice cream cone upside down.

We took a trip across the bridge to visit my families farmstead. This is where my mom grew up, Highland Glen, Manitoba. No one lives here now, but they upkeep the property. The cute little barn still stands, along with a few other buildings. One of them is a cute pink cottage that I used as the home for my first retail home. Here and Here are a few views of the space from 7 years ago.

We have plans to clean out this one room cabin next summer to use as a summer sleeping cottage.  I re-discovered a few treasures that I left behind. That pretty mod daisy fabric is cafe curtains!

It was a fun little road trip for all of us. This  entire weekend has been so beautiful - it's hard to believe it's November! Didn't need a jacket today, which is pretty rare around here at this time of year. It's hard not to be in a good mood.