Shop progress

Lune's set up is going along nicely on schedule. This afternoon I hung rows and rows of paper snowflakes in the window and finished the lighting installation. It helps to have an electrician for a dad in this case! I was sooo lucky to purchase two vintage white spaghetti globes (the fiberglass shades which look like long strands of translucent material wrapped over itself - beautiful).

Tomorrow, I'm working on shelving and starting to display clothing! Honestly, I can't remember everything I've packed and purchased since the summer. It's going to be like opening birthday presents. 

I love how the feel of the shop is organically falling together. It feels effortless this time around, and keeps reminding me of taking the bus down to Wolsey circa '95, visiting the new age book and crystal shops with their worn wood book shelves and a waft of woodsy patchouli in the air. My bohemian vintage paradise. I hope you'll love it too!

Love Jill

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