Wow, this weekend flew by! It feels like so much happened. On Friday, Todd and I had a date night and finally saw Inception (which we loved, and cried a bit over at the end). We spent Saturday bringing stock into the new location on Broadway. I started a display for our hand dyed vintage slip dresses using a 1940's walnut armoire. Initially, I thought I'd paint this piece but I reconsidered. I'm kind of over painted furniture. I think it would have more charm with some vintage wallpaper lining the interior, and the outside left with a warm worn wood finish. There are still a lot of decisions to be made before our open date Saturday, December 4th. I'm loving how it's come together, and how it's different from our last shop on Rathgar in '09. Progress pictures very soon!

Saturday night, my friend Chandra came over to make paper snowflakes with me. These are for the store and the window display. I've also made traditional cut paper snowflakes (14 so far). The pattern for these pretty dimensional star flakes can be found at How About Orange (love that blog!).

 This weekend was all about snow. I've said it before, but if you like snow - Winnipeg is the place to visit. We've got lots of it and some to spare. Sadly, we're lacking in elevation, so without any hills or mountains all this snow is pretty much good for one thing - cross country skiing and snowmobiling. When I was in jr. high, I tried the skiing thing. It's actually pretty strenuous once you get going, although it kind of just looks like walking without picking your feet up off the ground. Have any of you tried it? I found it boring, so that didn't last. I'm also a wimp when it comes to the cold and my toes freezing. I admit, I was mostly in it for the overnight trips with my friends (and boys I had crushes on!).

Can you believe that snow? It's been falling on and off for 3 days now. I've just past the 4 month mark on our 2nd pregnancy which means, I'm getting bumpier and having a REALLY hard time fitting any reasonable coat. This one I couldn't do up below the bust. I've been looking for a vintage swing coat that might tide me through, but nothing flattering has come my way. I worry - I might have to resort to buying something from a hideous maternity store sooner or later. Ugh. You may have also noticed (at least I do) that my face is much chubbier. When I'm pregnant, my face is too! haha. My dad calls it moon or buddah face. How sweet.

PS. This week, a real 4 month maternity post - I found the cutest coat dress and I'll probably only fit into it this month, so I'm taking advantage with a Style and Maternity shoot!

Love Jill