So...guess what?

I always want to start posts with "Sooooo...." or "Guess what?" But I realize those kinds of things don't translate as well as they do in person. Actually, I'm pretty sure no one really likes the "Guess what?", especially when the asker is serious and actually waits for you to guess. Todd does that sometimes, and he can be pretty persistent until I shout "I DON'T KNOW JUST TELL ME!!!!".

This is for those of you who proved me wrong, and showed me that the typewriter movement is NOT dead!

Well anyway ... Guess what?

Over the past few months, I've been scouting for a new home for Lune. I am so in love with our pop-up shop trailer and am looking forward to doing the festival circuit with her again next summer, but anyone who's ever been to the Canadian prairies knows that our summers are short, and our winters are long and cold. It is completely impossible for me to put my passion for Lune on hold for even a short time, never mind 9 months of the year, so I've been looking.

Lune's first independent local shop back in early 2009 was modest, but very cute and in a residential area we loved. This time around though, I had a bigger check-list than ever before for a new location. It had to have character, but not be run down. It had to be something I could work with and change, but not somewhere I had to put a lot of labor into. I was determined to have big display windows, and street level access. The space needed to be child friendly, and have an area that I could make a cozy spot for baby #2 to nap (come May) and for Luke to play. I was focused on setting up shop in an up-and-coming area that wasn't too developed (ie. heinous lease rates) but still was home to a youthful community of students and young families. This along with a few other points on the list made my search for Lune's new home feel pretty lofty.

But, as luck and unending optimism would have it, the happiest situation presented itself (I'll go more into this at another time, it's another hugely exciting part of this story) and Lune found a beautiful new home!

Lune Vintage
567 Broadway - at Balmoral
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Beginning Saturday, December 4th - 2010

 December will be our soft open month with holiday hours Friday 12:30 - 5pm and Saturday 11 - 5pm

Lune Vintage hosts an ever growing and changing collection of fashion, furnishings and decor from the 1950's to the 1970's. Our goal is to offer a consistently stylish and affordable selection of vintage and vintage inspired goods to wear and live with.

I'm looking forward to sharing the next 3 weeks of set-up with you. It will pretty much be all I'll be thinking about or working towards until then. That, and feeding constant pregnancy urges to snack and sit down for just a second ...

Today, we cleaned our hearts out. I washed and scraped what seemed like endless spans of windows. Our first piece of furniture arrived to sit in one of the sunny display windows. It's a velvety pumpkin corner sofa from the 1960's. I wouldn't mind if every piece of furniture came upholstered in this exact fabric. The most exciting part is that there's so much more on the way!

Love Jill