Thrift Thursday

It's been awhile since Lune's last Thrift Thursday. Mostly because I misplaced my little camera, and have been thrifting left and right with no camera to capture all those treasures I passed by. Some of you may think "why not use your phones camera?" Well, here's a little fact - I don't have a cell phone. I don't like them. I don't think I'll ever have one. I actually don't like answering or talking on the phone at all. Weird? I get a lot of confused and amazed comments when people ask for my cel number, and I say I don't have one. The look says .... "So, you're some kind of cave woman then?". haha. 

Anyway... let's keep delving in to the glorious past with some thrifty vintage! 

I love these little metal kitchen wall clocks. The hard part about them in the modern world is, no middle of the wall plugs in houses these days. So, not only do you have a cord, but you also have an extension cord hanging from a tiny clock. Oh well, they're cute and cheap so, prop them on a shelf or something - right? Only $1.99 for this baby!

This combo is pretty. I wouldn't normally dig a vase, or a wagon pattern, but I do love that color of blue glass. Plus, scenic prints in thick old frames always make me feel like I'm looking through a window at some magical, serene place. I usually wonder if it's a real place, imagining the artist sitting just beyond the scape, with a paintbrush and easel.

I phoned Leigh-Ann about this pretty 50's house dress. It had the cutest V neck back with buttons. I guess if I had a phone, I could have just emailed her a pic to her phone...but cave girls don't roll like that. I broke down and phoned her from home. Oh wait, I think she phoned me, and then I remembered to tell her...

She actually phoned me to tell me she bought the couch above, which I coincidentally took a photo of the pretty upholstery to share with you! Totally doesn't surprise me that she liked it. It looks great in her living room.

This guitar is pretty blue green, just like mine. Looks like it's been used and abused since it's body was pretty banged up. Poor girl. Still an ok deal at $50.

I really loved this painting ($19.99). Again, dreaming of gazing through a magic window. When I was a kid, we'd visit my aunt and uncles cottages. They both had lots of seascape and ship paintings in each bedroom. At the time, I was really into the Chronicles of Narnia, and imagined the ships were the Dawn Treader. I was such a daydreamer. Not much has changed I guess.

Thanks for thrifting with me! I found my cannon, so I promise (as best I can) to fire up Thrift Thursdays again. It's one of my favorite features, so it feels good to bring it back to life. Hope you like it too!

Love Jill