Trends come and go (but laziness is forever)

Oh, velvety pinwheel pillows. You so purty. I feel like I used to come across these a lot more a few years ago. Seems the pinwheel cushion market has livened up considerably. Urban Outfitters even caries them, last time I checked. I realize it's my job to attempt to forecast these trends as best I can. Sometimes that can be tricky, and risky. Honestly, I've had my hits and misses. Also equally important is knowing when a trend is dying and when to let it go. 

For example....

Vintage Remmington at the old Lune Vintage local shop

A couple years ago, I couldn't keep vintage typewriters from the 50's and 60's in stock. They were HOT. But, older models (like antique underwoods) sat and collected dust. Now, the trend has cooled considerably. I still find pretty colored typewriters, but have pretty much put a halt on purchase for resale. Partly because eventually second hand marketplaces (or original owners) pick up on the popularity of such items and price them too high to make a profit at re-sale. A side effect of a long run trend. 

It's important to let go of stock that's gone cold. I never keep an item in stock for longer than 2 years (that's maximum). I'd rather give it away rather than let it pile up, or run the risk of our customers viewing our stock as stale. Honestly, life is too short to wait for trends to come back (no matter how much you wish your mom would have kept her elephant pants).  Training yourself as a vintage seller to know when the end of a trend is nearing is important. It takes practice - I admit to donating 2 typewriters last month! 

display from Lune Vintage circa 2009 - Loved that lime lamp!

I still look though. Todd keeps me nicely on track (NO MORE TYPEWRITERS!)

Oh, by the way. Can we confirm that the pretend mustache trend is dead please?
Exception - MoVember.   So hilarious to see our guy friends in bizarre staches. You have heard of this right? It's a thing.

What trends do you see as done and gone?
What do you think is the next big thing?

I'm digging that the lazy messy unwashed hair trend hasn't died yet ... or has it? Too fing bad - I'm sticking with it.

Happy Weekend! - love Jill

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