5 months

5 months
So, I've been trucking along kind of differently this time around. In my last pregnancy (with my son Luke), it seemed like every single second I was thinking and basically worrying about the future, how my body felt, and if I was doing this pregnancy thing 'right'. I read at least 3 big books (including the classic "What to expect when you're expecting"). I analyzed how big I was, how big the baby should be, what signs I should be seeing and feeling. Todd and I attended weeks of pre-natal classes, practiced massage and our birth plan. Man! Ha! If I didn't look down this time around, I'd probably forget that I was pregnant for the amount of thinking I'm doing on the subject. 

Basically, what I learned from my first go around was - go with the flow, things will be fine, and you can't make time pass faster by thinking about it (quite the opposite actually). I feel like 5 months has flown by - I'm already half way through! Here are some pictures to prove it too!

 I'm a jeans lover, so I couldn't help it. I bought maternity jeans. Ugh. Lots of tights too - which are a wardrobe saver. The tops aren't maternity - just a larger size than usual. I'm so glad that over sized tunics are so easy to find now. 5 years ago, I had a lot harder time finding cute and roomy shirts.
We find out this Thursday if we're having a boy or a girl at the ultrasound. I hope they're able to tell us. The first time around I felt guilty about finding out - like it would ruin something if I wasn't surprised. This time, I'll be quite happy to start calling our little one by name right now.

Do you have kids? Did you (our would you) want to find out their sex before they were born, or would you rather be surprised? 

love Jill