Fresh Feature - Bunny Picnic

Name: Bethany Kellen
Etsy Shop: Bethany Kellen
Blog name: Bunny Picnic

Hi my name is Bethany! I run a blog, and a couple of etsy shops here in the internet land. I like to make cute things with my hands, and go to thrift stores constantly. So I decided to attempt to do both of them.

I love tea, reading books and photography. photography is what I'm actually going to school for. i prefer film to digital when it comes to photography. i only use digital for the internet (blog, Etsy) otherwise you can probably catch me with one of a few film cameras that i own.  I've been really inspired by cabins, forests and animals lately. some thing to do with autumn and wishing i could move to Portland, Oregon.

I love taking outfit photos for my blog. i love clothing and accessories and cute things. which is also apparent in my vintage and handmade shops.

I'd love to be able to keep expanding my handmade shop both online and in real life. i want to try to get out and be sold in more stores and maybe even eventually opening up my own store, for handmade and vintage goods. Elsie over at a beautiful mess has helped me realize that anything can be possible if you work hard enough. i was laid off of a job a couple of years ago and haven't been able to find a good steady job since. it's hard enough being a student but also trying to make a living creatively is even harder. but i figure if i can get through these times, when things get better, my stuff will do even better.  

Thanks for sharing a part of your world with us Bethany! 
love Jill