Fresh Feature - Sadie

Today's Fresh Feature is Sarah of Sadie designs. I adore Sarah's designs for their modern shapes and natural materials. Sarah is a girl who's got a lot going on, and I'm so pleased to share more about her here. Let's meet Sarah of Sadie!
Name: Sarah Rankin
Business name: Sadie Designs, since January 2010,
Blog name: Sadie, since June 2010,

Hi, I'm Sarah of Sadie Designs and I make jewelry because I am passionate about design and love working with my hands. As a landscape architecture student I work on a lot of creative projects, but many of my final products are destined to live in the computer or on paper forever. Jewelry is the opposite; I get a thrill whenever I see someone wearing a piece of jewelry that I made. In addition to making jewelry, I'm also a printmaker and I love drawing. Jewelry lets me marry all of these interests: the attention to detail so necessary in printmaking, the fun of drawing a new design, and the satisfaction of making something by hand. I sometimes use a laser cutter to directly translate my drawings into wood pieces and I have to admit to being a little inspired by that technology, too. I am currently working on lots of new Sadie stuff. It's fun evolving the line and incorporating new materials. My jewelry studio is actually my dining room table, and after a long day at school, making jewelry is a relaxing and reinvigorating way to spend an evening. 
These days I am smitten with rutilated quartz crystals. I love the pink and green mineral deposits that shoot through the clear quartz, each stone has such a unique and delicate feel. I am also working on a new series of crystal "Cave Explorer" necklaces. Inside each agate geode a tiny figure is exploring the sparkly, crystal-filled micro world of the stone. I love the idea that a piece of jewelry could have a story attached to it or that the wearer might daydream about their necklace pendant. 
I'm very excited for 2011; I'm getting married, graduating, and hope to have a lot more time to devote to Sadie, both the blog and the business. I blog to offer a glimpse into my every day life, because the things that I do, the people that I hang out with, and the places I visit are all inspirations for my design work and jewelry. I can't tell you how much I look forward to visiting other cities in hopes that I will discover something really unique...and I usually do! This summer I was fortunate enough to spend a few days in New York where there is an entire jewelry supply district! So overwhelming! I am still using some awesome chain that I brought home in pieces that I'm just making now, six months later. Next stop: Japan? One can dream...

As a special thank you to Jill and LUNE readers I'd like to offer a discount code for the Sadie Etsy shop. Coupon code "LUNELOVE" will get you 20% off your order until the New Year. Happy holidays, everyone!