Lune at Home

This weekend we finally took a couple hours to put up our Christmas tree. I usually like to do this on my birthday, December 1st. This year though, we were doing some much needed renovation in the front room, so decorating was postponed until the paint was dry and everything could be put back in place.

The reno's included days and days of painting. I started this project last summer, determined to bring more light into the room. I made the hard decision to paint out the molding. Our home is a 2 story "prairie box" (I didn't make that term up, I swear) built in 1914. It has a ton of character and lots of woodwork. While I'm down for the whole wood thing, we had 3 completely different tones going on on our main floor. This particular section of molding had been refinished about 25 years ago in a really 80's orange toned stain. It was very distracting to me while trying to build a cohesive look, since each room blends into each other with archways and wide doors. One day, I broke out the primer and started going slap happy with the brush all over the trim. I got about half way, one coat. Then, I ran out of steam and went back to running a shop, parenting a 4 year old, running a blog, road tripping happily, and generally ignoring the half primed MESS that my living room had become. 

Flash forward to the present. My father in law generously took pity on little ol' pregnant me and offered to paint my mess like a pro. I had to decide what other color I'd introduce into the room besides white. It had to be bold, because I was sick of half way, weak kneed decorating. It had to help enhance whatever vintage furniture I decided to bring in, and be color neutral since I'm in the regular habit of changing and swapping large furniture pieces and artwork between my own house and the shop. Kind of a revolving decor door around here. I had one long wall that could be seen from all rooms, and I wanted to make a statement. So, soft charcoal black it was. 

I love how velvety it looks - even though we used an eggshell finish. If you're thinking of trying out this shade, I say, DO IT! Our dining room is the next reno, and I think I'm doing the whole room soft black with white trim and cactus green decor accents ... but that's another day right?

. . .
So, in the end, we're so happy to have the tree up with just 11 days to spare before Christmas. Luke and Todd did most of the decorating, and I sorted through ornaments. We used vintage tin letters for each of our names (Todd added one's for baby's name if it's a girl, or if it's a boy) and reproduction tin stars for most of the tree. I also added a few vintage glass balls I've managed not to break over the years. We don't enjoy going deco berserk during the holidays, so our sparkly tree, 3 stockings, and a few candles will do just fine. That, and a healthy amount of presents for a lucky little boy under the tree.