Lune's Men's Section

 Even before we opened our doors to the public, I was being asked by forlorn looking men walking by the windows, will you have a stuff for guys? I know, men are often left out of the vintage party when it comes to retail. It's just more fun for me personally to shop for women, since I just buy whatever I love and assume someone else will too. It's a bit trickier with men, but I'm actually having a great time putting together a collection this week. If anything, I'm so up for a challenge!

My favorite additions this week are a super 70's race car sweater (this one is pretty small, so it'd probably fit ladies better), and a wool insulated hippie canteen. Put your jager in there.

Tomorrow is Luke's 5th birthday party. It's his first friend party, and he's so stoked. Me too. Have a great weekend before Christmas!

love Jill