new year daydreams

The days of December are flying by. This has been such a busy month. We celebrate a ton of birthdays, including mine and Lukes (his party is this Saturday but his birthday is the 23rd). I'm also almost 5 months pregnant, though unless you are a regular Lune reader, you wouldn't know it. I keep making up excuses to not take pictures of how HUGE I am now - how convenient... but I promise to do so before the 5 month mark. I'm feeling good but lagging more than usual, which is normal considering I'm making a whole new human I guess.

I ALSO opened shop for Lune on Broadway December 4th, and am continuously working on stocking, displaying and making it feel like home. Then there's the whole Christmas thing, and the fact that I haven't done all my shopping yet. Sadly, not everyone likes vintage or handmade gifts, so I'm still destined to brave some box stores before the big day. You have NO idea how much I'm looking forward to January.

We got some new shelving for the shop today to use for behind my work bench/counter. Ready to wear garments are a must for a well curated vintage shop, so I was so excited to discover after setting up that I had enough room to create a corner for repairs and alterations. At least 12 dresses are waiting to be shortened, have elastics fixed, buttons sewn and seams mended. 

For 2011, I have a few projects that I'm very excited about. One I've already half way tackled is a makeover for the website/blog. It's going to be a pretty serious transformation, but all the past content will still be here - and we're staying on blogger. I've enjoyed doing my own design over the past few years, and am pulling out pretty much everything from my bag of designy tricks. I don't want to go into it too much before it's finalized, but another element that will be new and exciting is a much more visual and virtual shopping experience of the Lune Vintage store. The fantastic embroidered purse (shown above) will be part of the first showcase. Everything comes directly from our local shop, and often even before it's available on the sales floor. 

I'm looking forward to designing for Love Lune again in 2011. We're focusing on accessories for the first part of the year, and collaborating with some wonderful people too. My sketchbook is so full it's falling apart.
But, before I get too carried away, let's just get through December alive first. Try not to choke on any toxic tinsel.

love Jill