shop progress

New business cards hit my mailbox today. I think that's one of my favorite things to find in the mail. I'm very happy with their new romantic look and larger size. In the past we've used moo cards - which I really liked too. This time we went with Vista Print which was easy and economical. The shipping was fast, and although the card stock is lighter weight than moo's, I'm still pretty pleased with the quality of them. 

Bags from our Cyber Monday vintage bag sale are shipping tomorrow, so if you adopted one, you'll find one of these brand new cards with your purchase. Maybe they'll go in your pile of pretty paper things you can't make yourself throw out - and promise yourself you'll do something with one day. Like...make a magnet or something (I horde these all the time).

The shop is coming together. A lot. This Saturday I'll be working with the doors open 10:30 - 5pm. If you've been walking by or wondering what I'm up to - please stop by and say hi. January will be the grand opening of Lune with real deal signage and some extra treats, but in the mean time - you might be first in to grab up something pretty wonderful under the radar.

Lune Vintage
567 Broadway Avenue at Balmoral 
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Open this Saturday 10:30am - 5pm

I also wanted to mention that once the local shop is open, we'll also be working on expanding Lune's online shop experience. It's always been my goal to bring as much of Lune's personality and in person presence online as much as I can. I have a few ideas on how to do this for 2011. Pretty neat.

xo - Jill