shop progress

Our first month at Lune on Broadway is quickly coming to a close. With Christmas coming, we will be open odd hours during the week, but not our regular Friday and Saturday schedule until January. Considering the short month, and opening kinks, it's been a really encouraging start. I already feel like this is a great community to grow in. There's been so much positive feedback. Thank you so much for your support.

There's still a lot to do before I feel like we're settled in. Our window signage should arrive soon, and with a few helping lifting hands, I'll get our window display full. It's hard to not do things like moving furniture myself. I'm used to hoisting armories around by my own she hulk like determination (I'm very weak but I hate waiting for things to get done, so it's easier to just grit my teeth and do it myself). But this body isn't just my own right now, so I'm lucky to have so many helpful friends.

I have a question for you, hope you can give me your feedback. At the shop, I haven't purchased merchandise bags this time around. In the past I've gone the route of craft paper bags. They're a lot more expensive than plastic, but I felt better about them. This time, I'd rather not encourage the use of any disposable bags. I do have small ones for the jewelery so they don't get lost or damaged swimming at the bottom of a purse. However, for the clothing, I haven't been offering bags. Most people seem fine (everyone so far) with this practice. I was wondering though, how do you feel about the bag situation? Does your transaction or purchase feel incomplete without one? Or are you happy to support the anti waste movement to go bag less and bring your own?

love Jill