thanks for the lovin.

Hey guys. I wanted to stop in and say THANK YOU for the sweet birthday wishes you left me yesterday. I always think it's kind of cool to share bits of my non-business life with you every so often. I had a nice quiet but great birthday. Todd decorated. I was impressed with his balloons steamer banner on our living room/kitchen archway.  I actually like that color of green a lot and asked him how he knew. He said that's what he found in the basement....

Luke was so excited to give me my present of a travel coffee mug. The one I have always leaks all over me when it's full, so he went into detail about how to use this one and all it's many features such as a handle, and a spout... his smile was my best gift by far. Todd bought me a pair of the softest, warmest wool sheering and leather moc style slippers (so happy!) and a copy of Nylon and Dwell. Then we went for dinner at one of my favorite mexican restaurants and I enjoyed a lime mock-arita. Afterward we came back to the house and had red velvet cake (from Salisbury house) with my family. I was surprised by so many thoughtful gifts (felt like a kid), but most of all I felt lucky that everyone took time to spend time or talk with me on my birthday. 

Horseshoe Neckalce by Dinosaur Toes. gorgeous Feather Earring by local Winnipeg artist Ruby Feathers
So after all that fun, it's back to work. Today I'm pleased to be introducing new sponsors to the blog for December. Some of them are winners of our sponsership giveaway, and others are just great bloggers that I've come to enjoy and want to share with you. Look for their ads tonight, and their features throughout the month.

See ya later - Love Jill