Thrift Thursday - Snow White

Today's Thrift Thursday is short but sweet with a very vintage paint by numbers of a little Snow White. I snagged this pretty girl for $1.50 today. She needed some cleaning first. 
I discovered this tip for cleaning old paintings with a slice of bread over at The Brick House (one of my favorite blogs ever). 

Visit Morgan's blog for a full step by step of this technique.
I wish I had done a before and after myself, because this was a very dirty girl ...

Another problem solved by thriftiness ... an organized way to keep Luke's school memories. We picked up this School Days scrapbook which includes pages for pictures, stats, and details about school including questions like "What I want to be when I grow up". They don't have a spot for Luke's chosen profession though, an astronaut artist rock-star. Oh, and he's also determined to own and run a toy store. He's currently trying to take over the family business (mutiny!).

Each other page is actually an envelope to put report cards and samples of drawings and projects in. Do they make these things anymore? I'm always amazed to find unused scrapbooks like this. Maybe Luke's kids will read the print date of the book and think he was born in 1975. That, and all the photo shop vintage processing we do on his photo's ... poor child, very confusing. 

What have you scored second hand lately?
luv Jill