welcome to lune 2011

It's time for a new year, a fresh look, and a whole pile of positive energy. It's 2011!

We've designed a new look for Lune that I hope you'll enjoy. Notice the sidebar image offers clickable tabs which will help you navigate our site with ease. Here you can find quick access to our favorite blog feature posts (like Thrift Thursday, Spellbound Sunday, and more) as well as our favorite Lune tutorials and diy's!

I also included a new 'about lune' section, information on our local store, a page for our mobile summer shop,  a section for Love Lune designs, and a press section where you can find Lune widgets to take and share.  Phew! It feels good to get organized.

Another new section I'm pleased to debut is the Lune Featured section of our sponsors and friends! These people support me and Lune in many ways, and are an important part of making this blog what it is. Thank you to them for their amazingness. Please stop by their beautiful blogs and shops throughout the month - they have so much to offer!

Lastly - Lune is excited to open it's virtual doors a bit wider with our web-shop. This section of lunevintage.com will be updated monthly with several inspiring shop able vignettes from our home and local store. Simply click on any image to visit further details on that product, and how to purchase if you so wish.
So, that's what I've been working on (along with quite a few other things I'm excited to show you). I hope you enjoy it and continue to find inspiration with Lune in 2011.

love Jill