we're having a ...


First thing I thought when I found out:

Seriously??? I thought it was a boy!
Oh no. She's gonna be a teenager one day!
Yes! No Circumcision!


I get to buy tiny mary janes and cowboy boots
I now have a perfect place for my big eyes kid picture collection to hang
more reason to expand on a blythe collection
vintage dress shopping!
and pigtales

We already know her full name (two middle names too). But, I think that's something fun to keep secret for her birthday. I can't wait to meet our pretty girl.

i wonder:

will she have brown hair like me, or be a blondie like lukie?
will she have blue eyes like Todd?
will she love dolls as much as I did when I was little?
will she be quiet and calm, or wild and rambunctious like her big brother?
will she love dancing?
what kind of girl will she be when she's 15?
will she love her name, or think her mom's a crazy hippie?
will we be best friends? (i hope so)