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cheap date

It's probably no big surprise, but with a child (and one on the way), and a small business plus maintaining payments for a home, 2 cars and a whole lot of other expenses that add up, when Todd and I find time for a date night, we aren't exactly willing to drop whatever extra cash we have there on the spot. That means, on those happy days where we get a bit of a break, we have a few favorite spots that are fun but save us $$$.

Here's one we did last Friday. If you live in Winnipeg, you might know the Line-Up. We love their Dinner and a Movie deal - which includes dinner (I get the box of thin garden curry noodles) and a drink, and a ticket to 3 different movie theaters nearby. Basically, for the 2 of us we get dinner and a movie for $30 after popcorn!  No, I'm not getting paid to sponsor them, I really do love it. Although - I'm not above trading free food for advertising!

What do you do for a fun night out when you're on a budget? Somtimes it can be really hard in the winter when it's so cold and dark, and you just want to hide inside.


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