an inspirng weekend

Cold cold weekend, you did not defeat me! This weekend (so far) we got a lot done at the shop. I tagged and organized a large amount of vintage consignment. We purchased 7 gorgeous winter and spring coats for Lune Vintage, from boucle to camel wool. I worked on a new window display, and added a few new furniture pieces. It was great.

My favorite thing however, was the fact that we photographed our spring/summer 2011 accessory collection for Love Lune. I'm currently editing photo's and preparing it to be debuted at the end of the month (early for spring? just look at the malls!). The inspiration for the line is indigenous textiles and traditions - something that holds great interest for me (you may have noticed what with my love for feathers and fringes and all - although this collection will contain neither). I also love the fact that nature and spirituality plays a major role in these traditions. I truly believe we need to be reminded of our connection to the universe in a modern age where we have separated ourselves so much from the natural world.

I also can say that this collection is more exciting and inspiring to me more than any other we've created before for Love Lune. It was difficult to narrow down the designs for the first release, but I'm incredibly proud of the thought and design that went into the line. I hope it makes a connection with you, I truly mean it to.

The line will be available directly through Lune (and our etsy shop) initially, but we will also be offering designs through select retailers.  Lot's more about this soon.

love Jill