lately loving vintage wicker...

I don't know, sometimes - I get really obsessed with a certain look - and I kind of verge on going overboard before pulling myself back from the edge of style insanity. I think I'm getting close to that point with vintage 70's wicker and rattan furniture. 

It started with a peacock chair I bought through craigslist. The house it belonged to was the kind of environment where retro rattan organically grows along with dusty spider plants and super old copies of Better homes and gardens. I love it.

It's not the fanciest design - and I could stand to upgrade to a bigger one. So turns out I love retro rattan chairs...

Then I found a wicked folding screen which was perfect for displays at our shop. Now my eyes are glazed over - and I bought a giant wall medallion, and then today a 6 foot tall bohemian looking doored bookshelf... and am craving a peacock rattan headboard... and if I don't stop soon - I'll be all dust and wicker and rattan and slivers.

And people will come to my house and shop with gifts of spider plants to match my wicker. 
Step away from the wicker jill.... before it's too late.

xo Jill