Let's pretend it's Spring, Ojo Giveaway (DRAW NOW CLOSED)

I keep talking about spring. I'm so excited for it this year because I love spring, but we're also expecting the arrival of our daughter Eve Mary Moon. Yes, I slipped that in, because I've been telling anyone who hints at asking at this point, and I really wanted to share it here. I just can't call her 'baby' anymore. So, Spring (beginning of May) means we get to meet our little Eve.

Spring also means many great things, like taking long walks in our neighborhood full of budding giant oaks, maples, birch and poplars. Fresh earthy gardens and new grass. Puddles. Driving with the windows down. Everything is so fresh.

So to get it out of our systems for a while - because around here - spring is at least two more months away - let's pretend that the fashion world has it right and the reason spring wear is out already is because, hey, any minute we might need that crochet little dress or peep toe clogs.

One random entry will win their choice of Love Lune Elemental Ojo pendant (Air-Green, Water-Blue, Earth - Brown, Fire - Plum). Here's what you need to do to enter DRAW IS NOW CLOSED.

1. What is the very first thing you'll do to celebrate spring (when it comes in your city).
2. Your name, and where you live (in general - I just like seeing where readers come from and being jealous if it's somewhere nice and warm).

 ps. thank you for your feedback on the new designs. I put my heart into it and your kind encouraging comments mean a lot on the back end when I took a deep breath and put it all out there. Thank you!!!

love Jill